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Date: Mon Nov 26 2001 - 12:34:18 GMT

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    > Form being function, and the medium being the message, I fail to see how
    > a meme can be represented in many different ways in many media.

    It can be because the medium is not the message.

    > Reductio
    > to the absurd, that sort of makes everything the same as everything else,
    > removing uniqueness.

    Just because we can transfer a meme with different mediums doesn't make
    all memes the same. I can write the word GOD in this mail, i can print it or
    scream it.
    At the same time i can also write the word DEVIL in this mail, i can print
    it or scream it.
    Both are different memes but they can both be transferred with the help of
    different mediums.

    > I really don't think I've thrown out the baby with the bathwater by
    > declaring as erroneous any meme theory that uses meme in any other way
    > than as actual physical artifact- for while I agree the bathwater was
    > terrifically filthy, the baby itself was in the bassinet.

    You are right in reducing memes to what can be found in physical artifacts.
    But you limit physical artifacts too much. Actually you don't have any
    idea what they are.

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