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Date: Mon Nov 26 2001 - 02:09:41 GMT

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    > > > Is "What's up Doc?" memetic?

    > >I don't know what inspired you to suggest that but technically speaking,
    > >yes.
    > >Go ask a kid, any kid (provided they can speak a little at least),
    > >if he or she knows that phrase. A 99 out of 100 chance he/she knows it.
    > >And if not, after you have uttered the slogan in front of that kid,
    > >it will stick to his little brain like flies on ...
    > >In fact, too make it a little more bolder, anything verbal is memetic
    > >by definition (and I mean anything), it's only the question how
    > >successful the slogan is or will be.

    > Some of us are better at resisting assimilation by the memetic Borg cube
    > than others :-)

    Ohmygod, I'm starting to blush right here. What in the devil's name is a
    Borg cube?

    > At best, *maybe* a slogan such as "What's up Doc?" qualifies at it rides
    > atop a verbal system, but assimilating the entirety of the verbal system or
    > language itself as memetic...what would the linguists think of this
    > assimilation (and is there going to be accomodation?)? Can they outrun the
    > cube before it's too late?

    I couln't really say (see above). Let me elaborate a little on what I mean.
    Literally anything that we say is memetic. Anything that can be captured in
    words (albeit one) can be passed on onto the next guy. It's that simple.
    If it can not be transmitted from person to person, it's not a meme. Since
    `anything' verbal can, `anything' has to be a meme by definition.


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