A Question for Wade

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Date: Sat Nov 24 2001 - 04:12:08 GMT

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            You have voiced the opinion that there is no such thing as the L-
    meme (internal), and that only G-memes exist, whereas I see both
    as stages in the memetic lifecycle. While it is true that memes
    can only replicate between hosts, it is also true that they can only
    intentionally mutate (where noise is not the reason) within a host.
    my question to you is that, if the meme does not reside in the
    patterned configurations of your neurons and synapes between
    episodes where you voice your position, exactly where DOES it
    reside? Are you claiming that you dream it up anew, out of whole
    cloth, every time, and that there is no such thing as MEMory, or
    that memory does not subserve the funtion of memetic storage? In
    such a case, exactly what it is that memory is doing? The fine-
    grained evidence for the particular synaptic configuration storing
    particular memes may be beyond our present technological
    capacity to produce, but it would seem that the logical case for
    them is well-nigh irrefuteable.

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