RE: Study shows brain can learn without really trying

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Date: Fri Nov 23 2001 - 16:04:37 GMT

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    Hi Ray,

    I'm not really disagreeing with you, I was just running with Wade's idea
    about the possible lack of necessity for memes, if imitation is, as he
    suggested an illusion.

            < I'm a little bit confused by what you are saying here but I'll
    try and
    > address your question as best I can. Other members of a species can be
    > called a part of the environment in a broad sense. It's effects of that
    > initial environment (aka guppy sees female with drab male) that make the
    > animal react differently to a subsequent environment (guppy sees drab male
    > and brightly colored male and goes towards drab male as opposed to goes
    > towards brightly colored male). It's just a long hand way of saying the
    > guppy copies the behavior of the other guppy. Guppy imitation of other
    > guppies is a pre-programmed response, yes. So is human acquisition of
    > language from other humans. What mate choice or what language is acquired
    > depends on the organism being copied. That specific mate choice or
    > language is the memetic, independent element.>
            I suppose the issue lies in just how independent such things are,
    and how much such things are a product of environmental pressures as well.
    I think learning, especially social learning, needs to be brought into the
    mix. I wouldn't say one's native language is imitated so much as learned.
    That doesn't disavow your point though.


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