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Date: Tue Nov 20 2001 - 14:18:42 GMT

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            <Hi Vincent, thanks. I don't doubt the 85% return figure, but do the
    > description of seductive debauchery. That does not square at all with my
    > own
    > experience of the Amish.>
            Ah right, I see what you were critiquing. Sorry, I misunderstood

            <As for suing the programme...that would be for the Amish, the
    harmed group,
    > not me; knowing the Amish, they wouldn't bother, though. I do believe
    > strongly in freedom of speech, but wouldn't it be nice if we each had a
    > penny for each time a journalist deliberately exagerrated or slanted their
    > story, in order to get attention paid to it? :-)>
            Well, whilst some journalists deliberately do this, many do not and
    yet the distortion still, or appeasr to still, occur, but this is as much to
    do with the inherent problem of mediation, in other words as soon as you try
    to capture "reality" in some mediated form it becomes distorted. So,
    sometimes I think that people are all too quick to condemn news media for
    mirepresentation when the possiblity of an absolutely 'correct'
    representation is impossible. That's not to say that the programme-makers in
    this case didn't make the decision to follow the lad who got himself into
    trouble with drug dealers, as opposed to the Amish kids who didn't. At one
    level though, what's interesting is the extent to which some of the Amish
    kids appear to be allowed to go as far off the rails as they like by their
    otherwise very orthodox parents. Those kids are interesting for a

            The same applies in much fiction. I wonder if 'American Beauty'
    would have been such a success if it had been an unknown actor rather than
    Kevin Spacey, in what was otherwise a very straightforward tale of middle
    aged mediocrity. I think it worked because it was a 'Kevin Spacey plays
    ordinary man shock!' kind of film.

            As the saying goes- dog bites man isn't news, but man bites dog is.


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