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Date: Tue Nov 20 2001 - 01:07:17 GMT

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    >Hello, much apologies for being dense it's the newbie genes kicking in.
    >Anywho, i'm working with some other folks on THNTRNTeiee (The logical
    >ultimate extension of ThE INTerNeT.) on the following for a website that has
    >some great deal of traffic in memes.
    >* highest growth rate in 15 minute, 1 hour, day, week periods
    >* graph of any given meme's growth
    >* graph of any given meme's growth *rate*
    >* combination graphs (multiple memes shown) of the above
    >A lifetime of a meme, start with a graph of all people involved in a
    >meme, appropriately sized, and go through time. if a user's friend linked
    >before them, draw a red line from the friend(s) and light up the user's
    >* users with the earliest time for a given meme
    >* users involved in the most memes
    >* users with the most friends who linked to a given meme

    >However we are not sure if this is the kind of things we should be looking
    >at, can anyone make any reccomendations for the kind of things we want to
    >track and observe?

    >Charles Brown

    Welcome aboard Charles.  Those sound like excellent things to track.  I suspect that someone with a marketing background might be able to make some suggestions on others.   How do you track those things from a web site and are there problems with privacy?

    I was also thinking that you might avoid the drugs and prostitution angle in your acronyms 'memepusher' and 'memeslut' .

    Ray Recchia
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