Re: Debunking pseudoscience: Why horoscopes really work

From: Kenneth Van Oost (
Date: Sat Nov 17 2001 - 20:41:18 GMT

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    Subject: Re: Debunking pseudoscience: Why horoscopes really work
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    Subject: Re: Debunking pseudoscience: Why horoscopes really work

    Hi Philip, Dace,
    I did not quite follow the discussion between you two, but this sprung out,

    > And what is it, precisely, that's being acknowledged and talked to? Your
    > discussion is predicated on the actuality of some kind of entity that
    > pre-exists the development of the self-plex (ego).

    From my conception of memetics that is not all a strange statement.
    Why can 't the ego, the self- plex not be predicated by some elements,
    entities !?
    In my point of view, memes will do the trick nicely, in the understanding
    of course that memetic information is than already present, before the
    development of the self- plex.
    A kind of a memetic isomorphism, containing fundamental building blocks
    of one character ( memes) can be present long before the development
    of the self- plex itself.
    It rests to be seen how and to what extend that information is used in
    order to built one's self- plex.

    IMO, we can 't exclude the possibility for a kind of entity, whatever
    that might turn out to be. Only memetical speaking of course.



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