Is Penny Brown missing ?

From: Kenneth Van Oost (
Date: Sat Nov 17 2001 - 20:26:56 GMT

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    Subject: Is Penny Brown missing ?
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    Hi all,

    Something I found in my local newspaper.

    Penny Bown, nine years old, has been missing for the past two weeks.
    That is anyway the cry of distress on the Internet.
    One parent cries out for help and information, and asks to send the message
    to as mush people as possible.
    The mail shows a picture of a red headed little girl, smiling and leaning over
    a bench.

    At Child Focus (_ the Belgium organisation which do help out in search for
    missing persons) a lot of mails came in offering help.
    But Child Focus replies: " Penny Brown ? Don 't send it through. We do
    know nothing about this case. There has been no official rapport about the
    missing penny Brown. We did check others centra, even in Washington.
    There too they know nothing about the one called Penny Brown.
    We suspect that is a misplaced joke." ( BCZ)

    I do think it is a kind of sick joke, but on the other hand another clear case
    of a memetic chain- lettre is riding its tracks.



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