Re: Debunking pseudoscience: Why horoscopes really work

From: Chris Taylor (
Date: Mon Nov 19 2001 - 13:51:40 GMT

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    Wade T.Smith wrote:

    > Hi Chris Taylor -
    >>I'm not having that - philosophy produces the idea that cars might 'be';
    >>science builds one weighing thirty tonnes; then engineers make something
    >>people can use.
    > Why have that?
    > Marketeers and the engineers make the monstrosities. Just try to actually
    > see something these days from your hole between the SUV's on the highway.
    > I'd like to think science would have us all on bicycles....

    I loved the Simpsons where Homer designed the 'average guy's' car.
    Marvellous. I rented an SUV while in the US recently (apparently cars
    were a bit of a niche thing). Horrible - not only was the engine too
    small to get it up a hill (even at < 10 mpg), it handled like a wheeled
    bouncy castle. Yeeha. I do admire those evil marketeers - like
    memeticists that succumbed to the power of the dark side. They get to
    have all the unethical fun...

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