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    Hello, much apologies for being dense it's the newbie genes kicking in.
    Anywho, i'm working with some other folks on THNTRNTeiee (The logical
    ultimate extension of ThE INTerNeT.) on the following for a website that has
    some great deal of traffic in memes.
    * highest growth rate in 15 minute, 1 hour, day, week periods
    * graph of any given meme's growth
    * graph of any given meme's growth *rate*
    * combination graphs (multiple memes shown) of the above
            A lifetime of a meme, start with a graph of all people involved in a
    meme, appropriately sized, and go through time. if a user's friend linked
    before them, draw a red line from the friend(s) and light up the user's
    * users with the earliest time for a given meme
    * users involved in the most memes
    * users with the most friends who linked to a given meme

    However we are not sure if this is the kind of things we should be looking
    at, can anyone make any reccomendations for the kind of things we want to
    track and observe?

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