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Date: Mon Nov 19 2001 - 12:16:31 GMT

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    > I just recently saw a programme about the Amish rumspringa (spelling?)

    I think this is a clever con - take a nice middle class kid (raised for
    years 'on the farm') and dump it in a room full of drugs booze and eager
    members of the opposite sex for a bit and I bet 85% (the return rate)
    turns out to be the chance they'll get badly burned by the experience of
    'freedom'. "Gee take me back to the simple (if slightly dull) life that
    I understand and am not afraid of, so I can rationalise my avoidance of
    *that* scary nightmare that wasn't half as much fun close up"...

    Incidentally were your suited recruited guys Seventh Day Adventists?
    There seems to have been a heavy breeding program of late for those
    gits... What kills me is the ads I keep getting for miracle healers!

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