Artist v 'Scientist'

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Date: Fri Nov 16 2001 - 09:22:41 GMT

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    Hello All

    I'm an established visual digital artist - who has lurked on and off
    this list for a few years. I have a keen interest in memetics as a
    structure for my work. I'm looking to collaborate with someone who
    could class themselves as 'a scientist'. There is a particular
    research award I'm after which could offer up to 10,000 Uk Pounds -
    to be split. Deadline 3 December. Could anyone interested please
    contact me directly to discuss it further. My site contains samples
    of my work [beware of loose, artisticly-licensed terminology in my
    texts. In the event of a collaboration a more 'scientific' approach
    would be appropriate/desireable].

    My latest online shockwave animation 'Blackbird has spoken' is
    something hich may interest folk anyway. Its reference points will be
    immediately obvious to memeticists. Any feedback welcome.

    Joe Magee


    joe magee

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