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    >From: "Wade T.Smith" <>
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    >Subject: RE: RE: Re: Wade's last week's phrase of the day...
    >Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2001 20:30:37 -0500
    >Hi Vincent Campbell -
    > >In case you're wondering, I haven't yet given in to the temptation to
    > >jehovah's witnesses or mormons into the house when they come knocking on
    > >door- which they do routinely,
    >I've only gotten the chance to say my favorite line - 'drop your pants
    >and I won't slam the door!' to one door-knocker in my life- one of the
    >little joys I'm exempt from as an apartment dweller, I guess.
    >But I'm waiting for the chance to say, "Hey, I don't need middle men-
    >when your god wants to talk to me, tell him to get up off his fat ass and
    >do it himself."
    >Or, 'Sorry, you're mistaken- Hallowe'en was a few weeks ago."
    >But, there are a slew of lines to use.
    Tell them that you worship Satan. This one would really work wonders if you
    had a pet goat running around the house, except that said goat would be
    eating all your belongings while you watched the door to door religionists
    scurry away in horror.

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