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    Hi Robin Faichney -

    >One of my closest friends in my teens, who was more cynical than me back
    >then (though not quite as badly behaved), subsequently joined Jehova's
    >Witnesses. The brother of one of my closest current friends has been a
    >Scientologist for over 20 years. Both, to me, like the people in the WTC
    >on Sept 11 and the Taliban too, victims of mind-games taken too seriously.
    >John Lennon had the right idea (sometimes).

    I suppose we've all lost friends and neighbors to the 'death' of a cult,
    of whatever tincture. And I don't know why some of us resist. I just know
    I did, and do.

    >I do "believe in" the *philosophy* of Buddhism

    And I adhere, as much as I'm able, to skepticism, perhaps even
    pyrrhonism, but, I take solace in the message and teachings of Confucius,
    if I had to put anyone up on a dias.

    (Then again, he's crowded a bit by Fuller, and Cage, and Beckett, and
    Dali, among others.)

    - Wade

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