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Date: Sat Nov 10 2001 - 21:27:51 GMT

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    Hi Mark,
    You wrote,
    > Just think how often we say to people, 'have an open mind,' we are wasting
    out time, they can not change, it is not their fault - their environment
    closed them off...

    << Yes, you are quit right here!
    That is the same position which I do defend upon this list, but not only
    environment is to blame, also their genetic, memetic, neurological, psycho-
    logical, logical, idiological,.... lineages block their attempts to change.

    The only times that people " change " is when they have brain- damage and
    when they came back from the death ( near- death- experiences seem to
    provoke profound changes).

    But, yes, the overal environmental aspects, affects and effects blocked
    them off. In a way we are all conditioned by the way we live, in which
    social structure we live, what kind of political system our government
    has to offer, etc... we are getting conditioned by all the kinds of infor-
    mation which comes our way. The thing is ( of our brain/ our memes)
    to leave the condition at its place. That is the only way by which we
    can survive as an individualistic organism.
    IMO, the ' group thing' is just another way of nature to give the organism
    more chances to survive as an individual, not as a part of a greater form.
    Individuality is the norm, not the group.



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