Fw: Bin Laden's Statement

From: Kenneth Van Oost (Kenneth.Van.Oost@village.uunet.be)
Date: Sun Nov 11 2001 - 10:00:58 GMT

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    > Subject: RE: Bin Laden's Statement
    > > If Bin Laden stresses that there is no God by only Allah, why dis he end
    > > his statement with: (or did the translator make an error?)
    > Hi all,
    > Just something to stress my ' concern ' with the world- wide conviction
    > that Bin Laden is the real mastermind behind these attacks.
    > I have no proof that he was not or was, but lately some tv- programs,
    > some journalists have taking up the challenge to proof Bin Ladens guilt.
    > They came up quiet empty handed.
    > It seems, more likely that Atta ( the leader of the gang) was in fact
    > more or less an Irakian agent. It seems that he and others had a plan,
    > in the early '90 to blow up buildings in the US. Not on a grand scale,
    > but somehow the Irakian Intelligence services got hold of that plan.
    > They made Atta an offer he could not refuse. They offered him all the
    > resources needed, the money, the intelligence,...
    > The reason !? Revenge !
    > Saddam wanted to get even with the US for the lost Gulf War.
    > The connection with Bin Laden would only exist in the side ways by
    > which he and his group offered some ' help '.
    > But, those journalists were pretty convinced that the attacks were done
    > in his name.
    > The future !?
    > If all of this is true, than the West is throwin ' their bombs on the
    > country.
    > Secondly, and more important IMO, is that with the attacks on the WTC
    > the terrorist campaign is at its end. There are no terrorists left do
    > anything.
    > What we found now, those guys we arrested in the US and in Europe are,
    > maybe, ' real ' Bin Ladens man, but in a way less dangerous than we suppos
    > That is by all means no fact, just another line of inquiry.
    > Why still bombing than Afghanistan !?
    > America can 't get any loss of face, they needed to act, they went in
    > swiftly but once again, god forgive them, they do not know what they were
    > doing.
    > In a memetic sense, what people now think what would be or become
    > a terrorist target is left to those elements which make up the stem for
    > those infectious ideas. The ' outbreak ' for instance of a kind of
    > hysteria about the use of anthrax or the warnings that the bridges of
    > San Franscisco were under threat are such constuctions.
    > Either way there isn 't to say that those scripts bear no ground, but like
    > earlier mentioned upon this list " psychosomatic memes give voice to
    > distress ... ".
    > Only the future will tell.
    > One for the road, the humour- contest held in Khandahar was won by
    > the guy with the following one- liner,
    > " On a beautiful day a woman was visiting her doctor.... "
    > Best,
    > Kenneth

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