Fw: Re: Wade's last week's phrase of the day...

From: Kenneth Van Oost (Kenneth.Van.Oost@village.uunet.be)
Date: Sun Nov 11 2001 - 10:03:12 GMT

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    > From: <mcvjones@netscape.net>
    > Hi Mark,
    > You write,
    > > But what really drives our conformity behavior, why so often when we
    > recognise in ourselves irrational conformity behavior, we can't then
    > it?
    > << That bugs me too, though !
    > But personal I would turn your question upsude down.
    > What makes it for us so difficult to be an " real individual " !?
    > I understand the importance of being part of a group, survival- like that
    > is, but than only for those dark years of our existence.
    > We have since then moved up a little bit further upon the ladder of life
    > and nowadays individuality is a modern concept.
    > We have the abilities the move away fom any given group but we do not.
    > Why !?
    > In a Darwinian- sense, our neural/ memetic connections are fighting just
    > like all the rest for space. The Darwinian struggle/ competition for
    > connections
    > has been won by those ' collective/ group/ conformism ' advances.
    > IMO, nowadays, those connections are loosing their grip, " use it or lose
    > it ".
    > And why can 't we change those habits !?
    > Yes, maybe because those things were hard wired into our existence, but
    > in a more memetical sense, individualistic memes were to soft to survive
    > to facts like survival, society, religion, environment, etc... which were
    > stronger. But we evolved and IMO, in our ' modern ' times individualistic
    > memes has a far more greater chance to survive due to science, due to the
    > collapse of society ( its degeneration), due to the collapse of
    > and maybe to the memes themselves if we take their selfish behavior for
    > granted.
    > Best,
    > Kenneth

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