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Date: Sat Nov 10 2001 - 20:26:16 GMT

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    Subject: RE: Bin Laden's Statement

    > If Bin Laden stresses that there is no God by only Allah, why dis he end
    > his statement with: (or did the translator make an error?)

    Hi all,

    Just something to stress my ' concern ' with the world- wide conviction
    that Bin Laden is the real mastermind behind these attacks.
    I have no proof that he was not or was, but lately some tv- programs,
    some journalists have taking up the challenge to proof Bin Ladens guilt.
    They came up quiet empty handed.

    It seems, more likely that Atta ( the leader of the gang) was in fact
    more or less an Irakian agent. It seems that he and others had a plan,
    in the early '90 to blow up buildings in the US. Not on a grand scale,
    but somehow the Irakian Intelligence services got hold of that plan.
    They made Atta an offer he could not refuse. They offered him all the
    resources needed, the money, the intelligence,...

    The reason !? Revenge !
    Saddam wanted to get even with the US for the lost Gulf War.
    The connection with Bin Laden would only exist in the side ways by
    which he and his group offered some ' help '.
    But, those journalists were pretty convinced that the attacks were done
    in his name.

    The future !?
    If all of this is true, than the West is throwin ' their bombs on the wrong
    Secondly, and more important IMO, is that with the attacks on the WTC
    the terrorist campaign is at its end. There are no terrorists left do
    What we found now, those guys we arrested in the US and in Europe are,
    maybe, ' real ' Bin Ladens man, but in a way less dangerous than we suppose.
    That is by all means no fact, just another line of inquiry.
    Why still bombing than Afghanistan !?
    America can 't get any loss of face, they needed to act, they went in
    swiftly but once again, god forgive them, they do not know what they were

    In a memetic sense, what people now think what would be or become
    a terrorist target is left to those elements which make up the stem for
    those infectious ideas. The ' outbreak ' for instance of a kind of epidemic
    hysteria about the use of anthrax or the warnings that the bridges of
    San Franscisco were under threat are such constuctions.
    Either way there isn 't to say that those scripts bear no ground, but like
    earlier mentioned upon this list " psychosomatic memes give voice to
    distress ... ".
    Only the future will tell.

    One for the road, the humour- contest held in Khandahar was won by
    the guy with the following one- liner,
    " On a beautiful day a woman was visiting her doctor.... "



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