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    Hi -

    >Put another way, these studies investigate how the degree of environmental
    >openness/closure in the early stages, effects future creativity and
    >academic ability ie our ability to change ie to learn.

    And what were their conclusions, if any?

    Being born 'original' is a hefty claim, and not with problems. It more
    seems (to me, in my pyrrhonist way) that we have blank slates of
    predetermined size and position, but, blank nonetheless, waiting to be
    filled, both with factual evidence-based (scientific) content and with
    socio-cultural (memetic) content, if with anything at all.

    The fact that a fundamentalist can tie his own shoelaces (and fly a jet)
    is of concern to the pacific humanist and the intended victims of his
    enmity, but it is also a concern to the ethical secular humanist that
    those memetic voids were filled with hateful dreck in the first place-
    thus my claim that religious indoctrination and teaching (and certainly
    fundamentalism of any stripe) is largely an abuse of children.

    - Wade

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