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    Physiologically, I thought it was basically all down to the positioning and
    size of the voicebox, which is pretty clear, (although wasn't there
    something recently about deer who have very similar throat structures to
    us?) but the intellectual differences needed for complex communication are
    more difficult to work out- after all we've no genetic information available
    from our immediate ancestors that might indicate the areas of change to
    focus on, only those areas of difference between us and apes.

            <In other words, if language is truly cultural, as a lot of
    > should-not-be-academic romantics like us to believe, then there really
    > should not be many physiological differences between humans and primates.>
            Who could you be referring to here? :-)

            I think there's a difference between saying language capability is
    genetic, and the form of language is genetic, e.g. the grammar etc., which
    is what Chomksy argued. I thought that studies of self-invented sign
    language amongst the poor deaf kids of (.... I don't recall where it was),
    showed that their untaught sign languages consisted of grammatical
    structures similar to many languages, had more or less shown Chomsky was
    right? Ot at least was thought to by some.

            PS, to our American friends- can we have our Prime Minister back
    please? We know he's quite liked over there, but it's all gone to hell over
    here whilst he's been playing diplomacy (e.g. the Scottish First Minster
    resigning over a financial scandal; Northern Ireland Assembly members
    shoving each other in an extremely feeble way.


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