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    >Instinctive speech diminishes us not

    Interesting article. It's a abit oversimplified tho. There sure are
    genes which enable our brain to use language, but what we say is not
    a direct result of some "language-gene". I remember this story about
    childs growing up with animals and they don't end
    up saying "Socialism is better than capitalism" i think.

    Furtheron language is linked to other parts of the brain, so there's
    not just that "language-area" in the brain but this "area" just
    enables us to express or think what is going on in the rest of the
    brain imho. Generally, i think it's a bit stupid to just take one
    gene and say "now this gene defines why we do something" or such.
    Sure the way the brain generally works is defined by DNA but the
    brain is a complex network and not just a collection of independent
    dna-caused parts.

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