RE: Study shows brain can learn without really trying

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Date: Fri Nov 02 2001 - 13:25:13 GMT

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            Hi Wade,

    >>Anyway, transmission and reception of memes does not require a
    >>only a transmitter and a receiver which are not necessarily the
    same thing
    >>as selves.

            <Remember too, that this 'self' appears to be a necessity when we
    > cheating and manipulative behavior of almost any stripe.
    > Whether memes are required as well is problematic, but they are certainly
    > a major part of the toolkit of the cheat.>
            Yeah, I guess I meant that it's possible for things to transmit
    messages without conscious motivation or intent, whether that be human body
    language, trees' chemical signals given off when being attacked by insects,
    or even pulsars or hypernovae.

            Certainly, much of what concerns this list, is motivated information
    transmission, whether that be religious dogma, political propaganda,
    scientific skepticism, or whatever. Also having the ability to, what's the
    phrase.... theorise about other's state of mind (I know there's a more
    correct term for that, but can't remember it) is helpful when trying to
    manipulate them to your own ends.

            I have an interest also in those things that kind of get away from
    us, in terms of intent or control, like urban legends being passed on
    despite every person passing it on probably knowing it isn't true, or bad
    jokes that aren't funny that persist. Or the obligatory catchy tune
    syndrome (by the way thanks for that article a couple of weeks back- very
    interesting, but I had to use immense self control not to catch many of the
    tunes mentioned- just as a payback, I had the Bonanza theme going round my
    head yesterday, remember Bonanza?).

            This also brings to mind the question of mimesis, like insects that
    look like plants, and vice versa. Clearly no conscious intent is involved
    there, but information transmission occurs, and they are deceits also.

            Perhaps the self is merely the human version of mimesis- useful for
    defence or for sexual success? Like the insect that is unaware it looks
    like a twig, perhaps we are actually unaware that the self merely serves an
    adaptive purpose.

            I'm starting to babble now, sorry. A product of being in the middle
    of marking a big pile of undergraduate essays, about which I can say nothing
    now that new data protection act provisions means that my e-mails are
    basically open house. How nice to live in such a free society...


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