RE: Study shows brain can learn without really trying

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Date: Thu Nov 01 2001 - 01:31:55 GMT

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    Subject: RE: Study shows brain can learn without really trying
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    > > I think their line was more like that weird sensation you get (this
    > > may be a delusion I don't know) of being able to play a computer game
    > >better whilst having a conversation with someone else, and concentrating
    > > more on the conversation. I have found, on occasion, that I"ve managed to
    > > get high scores whilst talking to someone about something entirely unrelated
    > >to the game I'm playing (you can tell I work hard at my job can't you!).
    > Just the same for me!

    That people seem to perform at computer games better when their main attention
    is drawn away seems to indicate that these games lay heavy on reaction speed
    rather than attention. Being consciously focused may be good for thinking
    games (like adventures) but for shoot-em ups (or what have you) emphasizing
    on sheer reaction speed, consciousness may cripple performance for the
    simple reason that making conscious decisions takes time. If this usually
    beneficient and useful but time-consuming facility is neutralized, fast
    semi-conscious or non-conscious decision making remains. Perhaps this is why
    people perform better at simple computer games while being consciously


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