RE: Study shows brain can learn without really trying

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Date: Wed Oct 31 2001 - 14:19:14 GMT

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    On 10/31/01 09:27, salice said this-

    >When you try to concentrate hard on something useless you'll just
    >perform badly IMHO.

    What we've all noticed seems to me most salient when one sees that
    pattern recognition is a built-in, hard-wired faculty, and that it seems
    that one cannot 'tap' into this function. Call it intuition, it is also
    very close to what creativity is and does. Most every record of the
    eureka moment discusses the period of inactivity on the task at hand,
    that restbit of time grabbed in frustration or desperation when the
    answer has not come, and other pursuits, completely unrelated, are
    engaged. 'Without warning' 'out of the blue' 'in my sleep' 'from left
    field' - all these are descriptions of the moment the answer (or the
    shape, or the phrase, or the equation...) comes.

    So it would seem that the creative moment is a conscious use of the
    unconscious recognition of pattern.

    Where memes are within this process is undetermined, and, with my
    increasing cynicism, I'm willing to declare them irrelevant, immaterial,
    and incompetent. Memes, when used as elements of the creative product
    (via the self-described attempts at 'memetic engineering' or 'market
    targeting') can only construct (political) propaganda.

    - Wade

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