Re: "Smoking" Memes

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Date: Tue Oct 30 2001 - 20:47:08 GMT

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    Subject: RE: "Smoking" Memes

    Left intact is your excellent question: what is it [given these
    > individual differences], that enables some memes to spread more widely
    > others?

    In genetics there is an enzym NIPP 1.
    That enzym does plays a crucial role in copying genetical material into
    useful information.
    An important step in that process is the ceation of ' messengers ' which
    " move " the DNA code towards a zone where it can be read.

    NIPP 1 stores itself into places ( interchromatic clusters) which has
    as their major function to get rid off redundant pieces ( intrones).
    Not all DNA is usefull. How mush more we can get rid off the better
    the translation.

    IMO, we have to search for some kind of memetical analogy.
    Genetics uses for such a process, peptides. Can we pre- suppose
    memetical peptides !?
    1_ what would be the memetical equivalent for a genetic enzym !?
    2_ what would be the memetical equivalent for DNA or m- RNA/ RNA !?

    If we could find this, your question would be answered.
    If I don 't reply, don 't worry, I have a few days off ( atlast). Will be
    in the weekend.



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