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    Hi Salice,
    Here is the data,

    > > I know, that some investigations were done in the area of the plague and
    > > aids. There too, science found, specific genes blocking the development
    > > of the pest and aids. I have to check my archives for more detail, if
    > > want.

    << The investigator who did this is Stephen O' Brien.

    In 1347 the plague sweeped across Europe. Death rate, 100%.
    It disapeared and came than back again.
    A new strategy was launched in those days, quarantine. In fact that
    was a death sentence, because noone expected you to be alive after
    40 days living with infected people.
    But some did.

    The village in which O' Brien did his investigations was Eyam in Derby-
    shire ( England).
    This village was hit very hard by the plague around 1630.
    Going through the records he and his than formed team found out that
    433 people survived the plague.
    Those 433 were the half of the population, in those days more than
    a miracle.

    The first remark made by the team was, was it the plague !?
    After all, the plague has a lot of similarities with Anthrax ( what means
    Black). ( Maybe we should take this in consideration regarding what
    is happening in the US right now.)
    But if it should be anthrax, the cattle must have died, because the death-
    rate for cattle hit by antrax is 100%.
    ( Do we know that cattle died in the US !? It seems odd to me that
    people died of anthrax, where in most cases animals would face death.
    Is the US- government lieing !? I hope not !?)

    Inqueries showed that was not the case, it was indeed the plague which
    hit Eyam. Than they searched into the possibity that the difference in
    living circumstances would give reasons why people survived and others
    did not. This was negative too.

    O' Brien asked himself the question if those who survived had not a
    kind of biological characteristic by which they were protected. The
    gene which draw O' Briens attention was a mutated gene Delta 32.
    After further more investigations he found that still 14% of the de-
    cendents of those who survived were carriers of that gene.
    Futhermore, throughout the world ( Africa, South- America and
    Asia, that gene was non- existent, of course due to the fact that the
    plague never hit there).

    The team found out that throughout Europe 14% of all people were
    still carriers of that specific gene. What O' Brien did conclude:_
    that when the plague hit, at the same time a genetic mutation
    occured helping out people to survive.
    He called this that the mutation hit Europe like a splinterbomb !
    It seems that Delta 32 is a mysterious mechanism by which bacils
    cannot penetrate the human body.
    It means that if you have 2 copies of the gene, you won 't get ill at all.
    1 copy, that you will get ill but won 't die.
    If you have no copy, you will die.

    O ' Brien, than turned to aids.
    He and his than more than expended team found out that the same
    gene works in the same way in aids too.
    The clue is now to imitate the working of Delta 32 in some kind of

    Pesonal view,

    IMO, we can pre- suppose that a kind of similar mechanism works
    upon our immune system, but on a neurological level.
    This idea, was is mine by the way, I already submitted to some, not
    list- mem(e)bers, scientists. They, one in particular was interested,
    but for a more efficient evolution I must work this idea further out.
    What I am still doing, by the way.
    So for a full draft, you have to wait, but it would be interesting to
    discuss this. Not the idea in its whole, just the possibility that such a
    mechanism would exist or not.

    Excuse me, but I ain 't gonna give that away, thought !
    I hope I helped you out with this dribblin ' bit....



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