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Date: Tue Oct 30 2001 - 20:21:41 GMT

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    From: Lawrence DeBivort <>

    > I've suggested before on the list that a meme, to be accepted by an
    > individual, has to meet criteria that are, indeed, specific to the
    > individual, and include the individual's key beliefs and hierarchy of
    > values. While there are several ways that a meme can be crafted that will
    > enable it to be effective with large and unspecified groups of people, the
    > basic reality is that meme-acceptance is individualistic.

    Hi LDB,

    That, in a way, has always been my major stumbling block to accept the
    vision that the Weismann Barrier can 't be broken. At least on some level
    it can be one, I think.

    IMO, natural selection plays only a role on specific levels, not on all.
    The evolution, the development of culture is due to inheritance not
    selection. I have to weigh my words here,.... the ways by which our
    brain can/ might re- present the condition of the organism of which
    it is part are due to inheritance, not selection.

    The ways by which we stay alive and survive are those which are
    getting re- presented in our brain. The ways for choosing out than
    the ' right' one, may be genetical/ natural selected, but not the way
    itself. The info enclosed in it is inherited, not selected.

    It would mean, according to the plague- case, that in order to survive,
    the mind, the brain ' orders' the genes, than to select Delta 32, but
    very rapidly the gene will be passed on to the offspring, but also
    the ways by which we re- present such an illness will be passed on,
    not by selection but by ( memetical) inheritance.

    We survive on two levels at the same time, body and mind. The one
    helps the other in such ways that the body in all its aspects ( and that
    means the brain included) " survives ".
    Without a mental " re- presentation " of the plague we would not sur-
    vive. Such re- presentations are conscient or not- conscient and goes
    on constantly.
    I hope this is clear. Strange way of seeing the things, but yeah....



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