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Date: Tue Oct 30 2001 - 11:32:45 GMT

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    Hi Salice,
    > People react to smoking in different ways. Some are more likely to get
    > cancer from smoking while others don't. My parents for instance are
    > both very intense smokers but have no cancer while a lot of people get
    > cancer from smoking less than they do. I don't want to make a point
    > about whether smoking is good or bad i just want to say that people's
    > bodies handle it differently. Some are more likely to get cancer from
    > smoking and die from it while others don't.

    << The latest scientific thoughts about this goes as follows,
    it seems that each individual must be treated ' individualistic '.
    That means that science is thinking now that some parts of the brain/
    body are fixed, those parts ( genes) make up the building blocks of
    our body ( species bound).
    The other parts are free to float around, to express themselves in a
    less or more free way ( of course, I suppose, bound to some degree
    of genetic/ memetic info).

    Those parts, according to Damasio, stand for representaties of the
    organism into his own brain and that is due by the whole of brain-
    mechanisms which constantly re- present the condition of the living
    body in all its aspects.

    That, in a sense, means, according to what you write above, that the
    body/ brain of your parents, somehow, " allows " them to smoke
    without jeapardizing the health of the body itself.
    Somehow, in a way, how the brain of your parents re- present the
    state of their body into their own mind makes the body/ brain cope
    with the hazzards of smoking. That means of course not, that they
    will not get ill or,... finally not will die of longcancer.
    In a way, your parents biological regulation, still according to Damasio,
    allows them somehow to react along some ' mental care ' for the brain
    its own survival.
    It could be, along lines of inheritance, that genes mutated/ were getting
    modified in order not to develop cancer.

    How this then would fit into the fitnes scheme is open to debate.

    I know, that some investigations were done in the area of the plague and
    aids. There too, science found, specific genes blocking the development
    of the pest and aids. I have to check my archives for more detail, if you



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