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Date: Mon Oct 29 2001 - 14:04:39 GMT

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    On 10/29/01 04:25, Pascal Jouxtel said this-

    >I should also say that NS bearers need to have a few S addicts around to
    >remind them how wonderful their own life is.

    Life is what it is. Death from lung cancer (which is what happened to the
    S's around me), is not wonderful, and I didn't need any reminders.

    But, I grew up in the america that smoked, and smoked happily and
    exploratorily until I was 35, at which point, upon consideration that if
    one quits by that age, there is a preponderance of statistical evidence
    that one will not succumb to the ravages of a lifetime under the cloud.

    (Perhaps parenthetically, I had quit all recreational drug use many years
    previously, at the age of 21, after addiction-like tendencies for opium
    became recognized, and my first college flunked-out of....)

    Also, perhaps parenthetically, I had observed my father quit smoking,
    under doctor's advice, and I had no problem smoking my last cigarette
    (the last one in the last pack in the last carton) at a quarter to
    midnight before my birthday.

    Yup, I gained close to 35 pounds within a few months, which I'm still
    fighting, so that ain't just stories.

    As to what kept me smoking all those years- I still have some pangs of
    loss remembering the feel of the full pack in my hand, and lips that
    recall the taut cylinder, but, yes, it's mostly tactile things. I have
    lost all ability to endure for more than a few moments smoke-filled rooms
    or the near presence of a smoker's clothing, and I lobby with what I
    think is a gentleness against smoking when those that smoke ask me about
    it. But, I also consider the current litigation against the tobacco
    companies to be a miscarriage of justice, since I personally did not feel
    addicted to tobacco and had no trouble quitting, when I decided to quit,
    and do not feel that reparations are required from a manufacturer for
    one's self-administration of dangerous materials. Perhaps some collective
    monies should be garnered for education and research, but, these are not
    victims. But, that's another issue entirely.

    - Wade

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