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Date: Fri Oct 19 2001 - 20:02:40 BST

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    On Fri, Oct 19, 2001 at 09:06:10AM -0400, Wade T.Smith wrote:
    > On 10/18/01 14:17, Robin Faichney said this-
    > >the subjective and objective aspects of reality are of equal status.
    > There would seem to be some proof of that, as we see that the subjective
    > imaginings about the universe of a few religiously-taught zealots have
    > removed 6K intact bodies and thousands of tons of intact buildings from
    > the objective reality of the universe.
    > Pity they're not around to learn the mistakeness of what they were told.

    They were told "the truth". That's not genuine subjectivity, but false

    It should be very obvious that by "subjective aspects of reality" I do
    NOT mean false perceptions of objective aspects.

    Unless you'd rather suppose me to be an absolute raving imbecile, than
    try to think about what I say. Of course, the former is always easier,
    but it has the unfortunate side-effect of making you a hypocrite, given
    your regular espousal of rationality.

    To value subjectivity is place your own perceptions above mere hearsay.

    "The distinction between mind and matter is in the mind, not in matter."
    Robin Faichney -- inside information --

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