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Date: Tue Oct 16 2001 - 14:00:05 BST

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    On 10/16/01 01:07, Dace said this-

    >As Chomsky says, in his essay, "Language and Nature," our common sense
    >notions of matter began caving in way back in the 17th century.

    And good thing, too, as common sense has little, if anything, to do with

    But, making the leap from that to this -

    "there is no mind-body problem, no question about reduction of the
    mental to the physical, or even unification of the two domains."

    - seems to rocket across an abyss with specious ease, if not be somewhat
    non sequitur, since reducing the mind-body problem to new and more
    correct views of matter would seem to unify the domains handily.

    - Wade

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