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Date: Tue Oct 16 2001 - 13:32:28 BST

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    On 10/16/01 04:55, Robin Faichney said this-

    >Fundamentalists are essentialists too: they believe
    >they alone know the essentials of their religion, and thus have the
    >moral authority to do whatever it takes to have their view prevail.

    Indeed. Fundamentalism is the culprit, if there is one to point to, not
    just religion, or even any one version of a belief system. One can be
    fundamental about any belief. (That is one of the problems with belief,

    Islam is especially high in fundamentalists because of its structure and
    teachings. But, as Dawkins has noted, the abrahamic religions are at base
    all capable of fundamentalist usurpation. As is anything that is not art
    or science.

    With some joy, I've noticed recent remarks about Falwell and Robertson
    (fundamentalist xians) describing them as the american taliban, due to
    their ignorant and assinine comments about the causes of the attacks.

    - Wade

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