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    > Well so you think that the mind is outside the brain? Where is it
    > then? Sure noone can know ITS ALL A BIG ILLUSION.
    >The mind cannot exist in the brain (or the brain in the mind) any
    >more than water can exist in H2O.

    I kind of agree, still water can't exist without H20 as the mind
    can't exist without the brain. So maybe the "mind in the brain"
    construct is a bit crappy.

    > Well i don't know what you mean.
    >Are you familiar with elementary logic? Syllogistic form?

    Yep but your example has nothing to do with it.
    If A -> B and B -> C then A -> C. Doesnt matter where A comes from.

    > How do you measure a word? You're superimposing your
    >idea of the world onto the world itself, finding things in it that
    >clearly aren't there. It's a hallucination, a "mystical" vision.

    Well i can find words in the world, if you can't i don't understand
    how you can read and reply to my mails.

    >existence. Nothing is *actually there* but material structure.

    Yes but material structure isn't just material structure. I mean if
    you can't differentiate why do you talk about anything anyway?


    Here. Some material structure on your screen. Just the same as your

    >The word you imagine exists in your mind. Then it exists in mine.
    >That's it. There's no in-between.

    And you call ME mystical ?

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