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Date: Thu Oct 11 2001 - 22:20:46 BST

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    Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2001 22:20:46 BST
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    Cognitive science is not primarily about neurology. The focus is on
    functionality. Leaving "neurological correlates" aside, the rest of
    what you mention there sounds very "mind-like" to me. The supernatural
    interpretation of "mind" is a straw man.

    Straw men make the best opponents..... Actually, I wasn't proposing a 'supernatural' mind is required. Even if you apply functionalism, you'll still have problems teasing out your memes-as-units. What I'm driving at is: what is the unit of brain functionality? What is the unit of selection of brain functionality?

    Derek previously:
    > As far as the mind goes, I think probably follow Dennett in not believing it
    > exists.

    I'd be grateful for a reference on that.

    Derek: is the full list.
    More precisely, I was referring to Dennett's treatment of the Cartesian theatre in "Consciouness Explained". However, that's mind-as-qualia, not mind-as-function - so basically Dennett does believe in minds as you define them.

    So you think chess sets and universities don't really exist? Seems like
    rather a useless usage of "real", to me.

    Of course they do exist. But how could one count all the bricks in the university? One could count all the bricks in Brasenose College. It's a question of what's real enough to be scientifically analysable. (and no, it's not just a matter of counting all the bricks in all the colleges and summing them)

    How about this: the trajectory of a missile can be accurately tracked
    and recorded using the appropriate instrumentation. Is that trajectory
    real, or not?

    Yes, real and yes, scientifically analyzable. But is the mind (functional or otherwise) so straightforward?

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