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Date: Thu Oct 11 2001 - 13:37:22 BST

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    Everything I ahve been taught is about analysing observables, and unfortunately
    minds aren't in that category.

    .....if so what is this "you" that's so positive? Not only do we observe mentality
    .....but mentality is what does the observing.

    I don't know what this "me" is. I have some gut feelings, but nothing approaching
    a scientific idea. I know what "others" are (oh God, this is startingto sound
    like Sartre, isn't it?), in the sense of corporeal bodies, but I'm no more
    certain about the reality of other minds than I am about my own.

    I agree that all my observations (scientific or otherwise) present themselves
    to me as qualia - all the figures on the screen, all the graphics etc, all are
    products of my brain in some way, but it's easier if we stick to observing stuff
    that we at least know has some tangible reality.

    In summary
    minds observing minds - very difficult
    minds observing mindless objects - a bit easier

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