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Date: Thu Oct 11 2001 - 05:53:12 BST

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    > On 10/09/01 15:45, Dace said this-
    > >Materialist mysticism
    > I guess I have to ask what that, exactly, is?
    > - Wade

    Previously Salice wrote:
    > Thoughts and feelings are neurons, synapses and energy
    > flowing between them.

    What can we make of this statement? That which is being equated with
    neurons, synapses, and energy-- thoughts and feelings-- has no meaning. We
    might as well equate gnomes and pixies with neurons, synapses, and energy.
    This would have neither more nor less meaning than the statement put forth
    by Salice. Like his, it would simply have none.

    If thoughts and feelings do indeed have some kind of existence, then
    evidently they're not reducible to brains after all, in which case the
    proposition is false. The statement is mystical in that it posits an idea
    which, at best, can only be meaningless, much as any assertion regarding a
    personalized God or the supernatural. The great step forward in the
    development of science was not atheism but the recognition that statements
    of the supernatural simply have no bearing. God doesn't matter. Even if he
    sets the cosmic machine humming, he's irrelevant from then on. It's not
    simply that defining the mind as the brain is wrong, but that it lacks
    coherence or significance.


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