The selfish Signifier Paradox was Re: Memes inside brain

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Date: Tue Oct 09 2001 - 14:45:28 BST

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    Subject: The selfish Signifier Paradox was Re: Memes inside brain
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    >Recently I have been talking about the problems of the meme-in-brain. I
    think that the main problem for external memes lies in the question of

    I normally fail to get enmthused by the internal versus external debate, but here you make a good

    Conceive of a meme as a discourse, in the Saussure / Derrida / Faoucalt tradition. 'Signifier'
    fidelity is indeed a useful replicative trick. Fidelity of meaning -'signified' fidelity- is
    frequently not. The 'meme' meme gets replicated every time we (or our particular memeplexes)
    participate in debates about what it signifies, or use it to signify what we (again or our
    particular memeplexes) happen to mean by it. Exapting Dawkins I propose terrming it the phenomenon
    of the Selfish Signifier.



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