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    > If genes selects such a structure what would than be its primary
    > contents !? Select memes !? How would such a structue know what to
    > do if not it already knows what to do, memetically speaking that is.

    I think it already knows at birth a general structure of memes which
    it can accept. Very general. I can't explain HOW it exactly does it
    but i can just speak from my childhood experience that i for instance
    preferred some numbers more than others when i first learned them
    and there was no cultural force which told me so. So something in my
    head must have caused that.

    I think everyone can remember something from his childhood when he
    really liked something basic or 'rebelled' against something being

    > Again, do we have not to consider the possibility of epi- memetic- rules !?

    I think there are no real rules yet. This might change when
    scientist find out how exactly the brain selects memes. But even then
    it's so complex that it can't be fitted in some rule.

    > Genetical selected or not... !?

    I'd say yes.

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