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Date: Mon Oct 08 2001 - 13:18:42 BST

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    A publisher receives a transcript from a new author. He decides to
    publish the book. In my eyes his brain selects memes.

    I don't understand how the example makes any point about memes in brains.
    As in Houghton's shopping list thought experiment that I was mentioning before,
    it is unlikely that either the author or the publisher will have memorised
    the transcript. I can only vaguely recall many of the papers I have written.
    (I was reading the other day that a film star - I think it was Michael Douglas
    turned on the television and saw himself in a movie of which he had, initially
    at least, no recollection.) There are of course, people like Koranic or
    Talmiduc scholars who do commit large masses of text to memory, and this
    must have been much more common once than now, but they are a special case.

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