Re: Copycat Terrorism: JoM Paper

From: Kenneth Van Oost (
Date: Sat Oct 06 2001 - 20:52:10 BST

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    > I agree with the basic thesis that the publicity is likely to cause
    > hijackings and attacks, as well as attempts. The media coverage both
    spreads > the bad ideas and reinforces them with the attention terrorists
    > The matter of how best to handle it, however, seems to be an open
    > It may well be that if some of the other attacks of recent years, such as
    > embassy bombings in Africa, the attack on the USS Kohl, etc. were given
    > saturation media coverage, then there might have been more copying of acts
    on similar scale.

    Hi Aaron,

    It seems to me, for the last couple of days that copycat attacks will not be
    executed, but that the idea about bombings and suicide attacks are on the
    From my opinion, banal accidents and a massive lack of responsibility due
    caused the blast of the chemical plant in Toulouse, and more recently, the
    crash of a Russian airliner was not a terrorist attack.
    Not that these accidents would not be executed by terrorists, proove is
    still missing, but the media, and not those alone seems to indicate that
    every accident is, right now, suspicious and need further eximination,
    where IMO it is not necessary.

    It seems that the idea about terrorists attack gains ground in every mind
    around the world, we see, hear,.. everywhere dangerous people and
    every immigrant of a not European origin is a possible suspect.
    It seems, that the terrorists attacks shuffled a far more greater danger
    the fear for more attacks in our brain and that is the idea/ the ascertainty
    that we aren 't " safe " anymore. Paranoia slips in, already civil rights
    questioned, already law inforcements are in place to reduce our rights
    for privacy_ everyone becomes a possible suspect, everyone is due to the
    US subject to questioning...
    And I fear more cencorship, Big Brother activities, the knowledge that I
    am spied upon than some lunatic with an airplane.



    ( I am, because we are) still in doubt this gets thru '

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