Re: Copycat Terrorism: JoM Paper

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Date: Sat Oct 06 2001 - 20:14:00 BST

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    From: Vincent Campbell <>
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    > I do not recall a spate of suicidal pilots in the wake of the
    > kamikaze pilots of WWII in subsequent wars or in terrorist attacks.
    > are these attacks not the only example since WWII of the use of planes in
    > this way, and certainly the first ever use of civilian planes in this way?

    Hi Vincent,

    Just for the record here, the only times I can recall when a plane was used
    to commit suicide, not in a kamikaze way, is a few years back, when a pilot
    of a Marokkian airliner took his crew and 126 passengers with him in order
    to swindle his assurance- company in order to get enough money for his
    little daughter 's operation.
    If you want the details for the second example, I have to check....



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