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Date: Fri Oct 05 2001 - 23:53:11 BST

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    Dear Salice,

    > > What I mean is that the memes for treating her children were passed on
    > > to her *before* she enacted them in real life. This second enactment may
    > > be called imitation, but it is *not* the imitation by which the memes
    > > are inherited. That's my point.
    > Hm i still don't really know what you want to show. Someday the
    > daughter got treated bad by her mother. She remembered that. Ten or
    > twenty years later she treats her daughter just the same. So it's
    > still imitation just delayed in time.

    OK. According to the memes-in-brain view, she already had the meme in
    her brain before she treated her daughter according to it. This
    treatment, whether we call it imitation or not, is *not* the imitation
    required, according to the theory, to transmit the meme to her brain.
    That had to occur earlier, because the transmission occurred earlier.

    Es claro?


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