RE: What/who selects memes?

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    > completely. The only demonstrably consistent feature of "God is dead", are
    > the words, and the letters they are composed of.

    We can't demonstrate memes in brains direclty because
    we aren't that far in science yet. But every person can remember
    memes and can find some of them conscious in his mind.

    > There is no identified
    > physical structure that you can demonstrate exists in my mind and yours that
    > relates to this.

    Just because we haven't found out how things get saved in the mind
    doesn't mean that they're not saved there. I mean yeah what is so
    hard to understand? Can you remember your name, your language?
    So is this not in your brain just because you can't show people where
    in your brain it is exactly saved?

    > That we both use our brains to process that phrase is
    > certain, but when we're talking about memes, we're talking about units of
    > replication that should retain their form when being transmitted (otherwise
    > they don't replicate). There's no evidence for a mechanism in the brain
    > that does that, indeed it's been well argued (by Derek in the journal) that
    > it is highly unlikely such a mechanism exists.

    I've read a meme from you it was "Remembering", a book title. It's
    some time ago. I'm able to write it down now because i remember it.
    And i selected this meme because i wrote "Remembering" and not
    "Green Orange is nice".

    So such a mechanism exists. One example which shows it is enough to
    prove derek wrong! Atleast as long as you carry and believe the

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