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    > I'm thinking about mathematics (or any other consistent system of thought
    > for that matter). When one attempts a mathematical deduction, one applies the
    > mathematical rules inside his brain (ideally) to solve the problem at hand.

    I find the thought of seeing mathematics or any science as a
    meme-system really interesting. That mathematics or logic as a meme
    survived in such a high percentage of cultures and brains can give a
    good hint on what a meme makes successful.

    We aren't Vulcanians tho. There is still this difference between
    people, some like to analyze everything and give logic answers while
    other people answer emotionally or culturally if you want.

    Like imagine there's a man called Peter. He's tired and wants to go
    to bed. His wife asks him "You don't want to go to that party

    Based on logic, Peter would have to answer: "Yes."
    Based on culture or emotions, Peter would have to answer: "No."

    But in how far one of the answers is more used can also change
    in a culture and can differ between cultures too. So cultural
    speaking can become logical speaking too, atleast up to a certain
    point ;).

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