Re: What/Who selects memes?

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    > malignant. Most of the religious memes, or most of
    > any other metaphysical memes, reveal such properties.
    > Very actual: suicide memes!

    Well i'd agree, but suicide is not a religious meme. Most religions
    declare suicide as a sin. And also unreligious people commit
    suicide or terrorize around, which might be more a result of our
    commercialized, materialistic, drug-filled culture.

    > And some people are more skeptical (less
    > persuasive) than others. The treshold of persuasion depends
    > on the make-up of the brain and the memetic history of the brain
    > (the collection of already adopted memes) and is thus unique
    > for each person.

    Very well said.

    > It is the brain that selects (conscious or unconscious),
    > but the brain is a product of
    > existing memes already running around in head and the genetic
    > make-up of the brain (some people never will be scientists
    > or become meme-fountains no matter how hard they try).
    > It therefore valid to some extent that memes select memes.

    I totally agree!

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