Re: What/Who selects memes?

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Date: Thu Oct 04 2001 - 17:43:51 BST

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    > Yes, so i, my brain selects the meme "Blueness". And someone else
    > selects the meme "Form in Cubism". So why? What makes different
    > people get excited by different memes if memes are independent from
    > persons brains?

    It's all a matter of taste.
    The taste one has regarding whatever subject matter, be it music,
    science, art, sports (or no sports at all) are determined by
    both by genes and memes. Genes build the brain, they give you
    certain innate predispositions (driven by evolutionary pressures)
    towards liking certain things and
    disliking others. The other factor comes from your own personal
    memetic history. You are exposed to different kinds of music
    than your folks do (I, for one, do).
    Chances are that you like entirely different
    kinds of music than they do, inspite of having the same genes
    as your parents do. Musical preference is particularly memetic.
    This is because music evolves with time, you and your peers
    are exposed to different kinds of music than your parents have.
    You attach blissful (at parties, warm memories or whatever)
    memories to the music of that day. As such,
    your appreciation for that music too grows even if you didn't
    like it in the first place. This explains the generation
    gap (of music, perhaps art in general as art evolves too
    though at a slower pace).


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