RE: Thesis: Memes are DNA-Slaves

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Date: Thu Oct 04 2001 - 17:53:42 BST

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    > They can even do that. Take celibacy memes or memes that propagate
    > homosexuality, or the highly actual suicide-bomber memes for
    > example.

    People don't go into celibacy, become homosexual or commit suicide
    just because some meme reached them. You gave all these meme as
    examples, so some day some memes reached you about these concepts.
    But do you live in celibacy, are you homosexual or do you commit
    suicide because of it?

    > This is prohibited as both share the same turf, the human brain;
    > genes build the near-blanc brain (hardware), memes fill it up
    > (software).

    Considering this computer analogy to the brain. I think myself that
    brains differ in the way that a mac differs to a pc. If culture
    forces a "macintosh-brain" to run pc-software it has to interpret,
    to emulate all the time. That's a very simplified stupid metaphor but
    i hope you get what i mean.

    > Memes might favor certain kind of brain-building
    > genes (memes guiding genes). Conversely, a particular
    > brain might limit its memetic input to certain classes of memes
    > (genes guiding memes).

    The brain does not only limit memetic input it does also limit
    memetic output. And what it outputs is a result of dna and other
    memes which both together built the structure of a brain.

    The thing is that apart from memes and brains there's culture. If
    your brain doesn't allow memes which are part of your culture to
    exist then you're to a certain degree outside of culture, outside of
    society, an outsider.

    > religious brains violently
    > jettisone atheist memes but warmly welcome spiritual and
    > metaphysical ones.

    That a brain "is religious" is not only a result of either memes or
    dna. Both work together to let a brain become religious. Anyways,
    when you define the term religious a bit broader in the sense of
    belief then we are all religious, just in different ways.

    > Anyway, genes and memes are therefore hopelessly tied to
    > each-other evolutionary-wise, this is the much referenced
    > gene-meme co-evolution. The gene-meme correlation can
    > be either positive or negative, however, depending on the
    > phenomenon at hand.


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