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    > If it can be said that culture is analogous to programs, then, no, there
    > is nothing, nohow, to determine what culture the mind is running at the
    > moment.

    I can clearly see that your mind was running english language culture
    at the time you wrote this.
    > There is some reliable evidence that we can tell what emotions are being
    > felt, however.

    > The interface between emotions and society may well be culture, but, we

    I don't see your point.

    > do not know, nor can we ascertain, what programs are running (or what
    > memes are resident) or even what culture someone is from.

    Hm, i can kind of say, that derek stores the meme "memes aren't
    stored in brains" and i can see the program running which makes him
    defend this meme against it's opponent "memes are stored in brains".

    But maybe it's all fake?

    > No analytical real time tool (like fMRI) can determine what cultural
    > background I have.

    I agree.
    > Then again, observation (and what is obvious) is often a trap in science.

    As is false belief which observation does not confirm.

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