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    > So I would like to point out (I think there is a chapter about this in The
    > Meme Machine) the interaction between meme selection and emotions, which

    Emotions and meme selection can work together, but they can also both
    have different reasons.

    > doesn't mean I am on the "genes-drive-memes side". On the contrary. I think
    > gene-driven mechanisms (e.g.emotions) provide a biotope for memetic
    > creatures (e.g. behaviours). A sort of landscape.

    Yes, the brain is a landscape for memes. If a meme can't
    survive in this landscape it won't survive or spread. Just like a
    fish would hardly survive on land.

    The difference is that people's brains differ from each other. A
    certain persons brain might supply a landscape for a certain kind of
    meme while another brain might not want to have this meme living in
    it. Even more, the landscape is not empty, there are different
    inhabitants who fight or work with each other. Different memes
    inhabiting a brain.

    The problem with memes working against dna is mostly a result of
    culture. A culture dictates to a certain degree which memes have to
    live in a brain.

    So i think, the evolutionary system of memes does not fight against
    the evolutionary system of dna. Some memes can hinder the survival of
    certain genes. But memes can also help genes to survive.

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