Memes, Culture, People

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    Subject: Memes, Culture, People
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    I think you all agree that memes have quite a huge influence on
    a humans life, so what memes are people most likely to get
    exposed to, by which memes do they get influenced most? I think that
    culture is a set of memes, which people living in this culture are
    most likely to get exposed to. Certain memes are more widely spread or
    more accepted(!) than others in a culture. My question is, how far
    does this set of memes in a culture influence the life of a human in
    there? Is everyone able to adapt to the existing culture in the same
    way? Then finally, how does change in culture and therefore change in
    acceptance of certain memes happen? By rare accident or independent
    meme-evolution or by people who are unhappy with existing culture
    therefore unable or unwilling to adapt to certain parts of it?
    Cultural evolution happens in my eyes when a more satisfying version
    for a number of people exists and when there is enough acceptance
    and force with these people. I'm not only talking about nazism,
    socialism and so on. I mean general culture, all aspects of it.

    Please give me your opinions.

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